Thursday, July 25, 2013

Magoo and the Art of Boogie Boarding

The waves were pretty big when he first headed out.  (Now, please keep in mind these were big waves compared to what he's used to - which are pretty mild.  If you surf off the Australian coast, you'd laugh at these widdle waves.)  So, although he watched other people boogie board and have BIG TIME FUN, when Magoo got out there, those waves spanked him hard.

And that's good.  Because learning the lesson of WATER IS SUPER POWERFUL - RESPECT THE WATER - is a very good lesson to learn early.

He didn't give up.

Soon he learned which waves to bob over and which waves to dive into.  He learned how to time his launches.  And he learned that some waves would smack him into the sand and/or his board.  (I think we've all gotten a few bruises.)  But ultimately he learned that when you catch a wave just right, and it lifts you up instead of pushing you down, it's SO MUCH FUN!

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Lucia Sasaki said...

Hi Julie!
Seeing your kid enjoying water with such abandon is a dramatic contrast with all the cold air and rain we have been suffering this week here in Guarulhos.
Enjoy your summer entirely, dear!!