Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Scenes from a Camp

Hi all!  I am very fortunate in that I am a stay-at-home writer.  Many writers have day jobs.  Writing is my day job (thanks, husband who pays the bills.)  But in the summer, for 3 weeks, I do put on another hat.  Art teacher!

I have the pleasure of being an art teacher at the West Hartford Art League Summer Camp.

I have always enjoyed teaching.  (If you know me you probably know that I taught mask-making at Emerson College for a few years and ran the K-1 room at an afterschool for a few years.)  So I'm down with the project plans and step-by-steps.  We have circle time, then the project, then clean-up.  And Magoo is there as my trusty assistant.  If I couldn't be an author/illustrator, then I'd surely have been a teacher.

That's a long way of saying that I enjoy my three weeks of teaching each year.

The first week of camp, we focused on folktales.

We made collage gnomes and Lion & Mouse watercolor paintings.


This week the theme is ASIAN EXPLORATION.

We've painted Sumi-E cats and pandas and made lovely blossoms coming out of origami paper vases.
Tomorrow we're making collage/origami kimonos and I think the girls are going to really like it.  (These week all my students are girls.)

As a bonus, because these kids are the target age group that I write for, I'm paying close attention to the things they say and the games they play.  Do you know what a group of little girls do that Magoo never did?  Shriek with excitement! 

Oh, the shrieking!  :)

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