Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Literary Character Collages

Alice                2013               j. c. phillipps

Matilda               2013               j. c. phillipps

Max                   2013                 j. c. phillipps

Mowgli               2013               j. c. phillipps

Remember the boy in the horse costume I showed you last week?  Well, I intended to do a series of kids in costume, but as I was working on a girl in a mermaid costume, I thought, Who's going to buy this?

The answer was parents of a girl who loves mermaids.  But then, if I gave the girl red hair and these imaginary parents happen to have a mermaid-loving-daughter who's blonde, they aren't going to want the red-headed girl. Then I thought,  Maybe these kids are too specific to sell?

You may think, But Julie, shouldn't you create art for the sake of art itself?  Isn't it yucky to think of the market?

That's partially true.  The best art comes from someone who is creating something based on inspiration, not sales.  That said, I like to sell stuff.  And Marketing Julie pays close attention to what the customers buy at Open Studio each year.  I like to balance it out.  The first half of the year I make stuff that I want to make.  The second half of the year I try to anticipate what the people may want.  And that's how I got to my new idea: Literary Characters.

Costumes became Alice in Wonderland became Literary Characters.

I'm still doing kids.  But now instead of appealing only to parents with kids who may happen to like a certain costume or dressing up, these pieces will still look great in a kid's room, but also in a classroom or a library.  Triple threat!

I had a blast making them and I think they turned out really well.

Here's a Vine video of Alice in Wonderland coming together.

Happy Wednesday Everyone!