Sunday, August 18, 2013

Secret to a Great Party ...

Last night we went to a party hosted by my husband's co-worker.  I am not an unfriendly person, but it is difficult for me to make small talk with a group of people I don't know, so I am not a great fan of parties.

However, this party had a surprise bonus:  KITTENS!

The co-worker's wife was fostering three kittens and they had their own room.  People, there was a ROOM FULL OF KITTENS at this party!

Oooooo - they were so cute!  My CUTE-METER went off the charts!  They were very friendly and playful.  And when it was just me, alone with the kittens, they crawled over over me and then got really mellow.  I kept thinking, I should leave.  I should get back to the party.  But then the kittens were all cozy in my lap and I was petting them under their chins and they were giving me those blissed-out eyes... 



Lucia Sasaki said...

Hi Julie, thanks for your post.
It is true, having small talk with people we don't know is a bit weird. How good you found these kittens!! And it is very generous of the wife of your husband coworker foster them, unfortunately here, despite many vets and animal friendly ONGs offer castration for free some people still throw away unwanted kittens and puppies.
Have a great day!!


Julie_c said...

I'm sure that happens here, too, Lucia. But, hopefully, all of these kittens will find good forever-homes.

Thanks for your comment.