Thursday, September 19, 2013

Open Studio Hartford: THREE GOLDFISH & FLIGHT

Three Goldfish              2013                   j. c. phillipps

I'm cranking out the paintings, people.  I'm trying to get a nice, rounded inventory for Open Studio this year.  Some fancy, some fun.

For the fancy, fine art collection, I have THREE GOLDFISH.  This is a medium sized watercolor so it will suit the needs of someone who wants to buy a nice painting, but not a gallery-priced nice painting.

Then, on the fun side of things, I have FLIGHT.

Flight                    2013                     j. c. phillipps
This was inspired by a detail in a painting that I liked on Pinterest.  Ah, Pinterest.  I do love you so.  You show me so much wonderful art, sometimes I am too inspired, and sometimes I am crushed by the awesomeness of others.

But this time inspiration won out and I painted a fun folksy piece with wackadoodle birds.  I'm kinda in love with the plaid bird in the center.

The theme for the group show this year is MOTION.  I had originally thought I'd do a fun piece with the Mona Lisa and other famous art subjects in a bike race - something humorous like that.  But then I got the idea for the birds and I went with it.  See, someone might actually buy the bird painting, whereas people might chuckle at the Mona Lisa racing a bike, but they probably wouldn't buy it.  Marketing Julie won out.


In other news,  I'm crazy tired today.  I did a Picture Book 101 talk in Litchfield last night which went really well but the timing of it kept me wired much later than usual.  Most nights I am on the couch winding down by 8pm.  But last night I was the center of attention from 7 - 8:30pm then I had to drive home until 9:30.  WAY TOO ALERT.  My poor brain was processing, processing, processing all night long.

I think there is a nap on the couch in my future.

Thanks for stopping in - Happy Thursday!


Cathy Ballou Mealey said...

Pinterest = love/hate thing. Inspiring and yet draining!

My critique group meets 7-9 PM and I cannot fall asleep on those nights - too wired and too many monkeys jumping in my brain!

Lucia Sasaki said...

Hi Julie thanks for posting.
Your paintings are beautiful. What makes me amazed is that you are very eccletic in your work: you make classical (the fishs) and the informal (the birds and your books).
Great weekend!!