Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Bounty of Colors

My mother came to visit this weekend, and one of the things we did was visit the gorgeous gardens at Elizabeth Park.  I know the trees here in New England are beginning to show off their autumn colors, but the flower gardens were vibrant!  Indulge me in a wee color tour?

I coaxed Magoo into posing by some red beauties.

I have a ton of photos, but I thought I'd limit it to four.

On a technological note, if you enjoy taking pictures with your iPhone, there's a lovely photo enhancement app that I've been using called SNAPSEED.  You can crop, enhance colors, push the contrast, add funky texture, and play with the focus.  It's super fun and I've been having a blast with it.

On a writerly note, I'll be at the OLIVER WOLCOTT LIBRARY in Litchfield, CT tonight at 7pm to do my Picture Book 101 presentation.  I'm not looking forward to the rush hour drive, but I AM looking forward to meeting all the potential children's book writers in the Litchfield area and sharing some knowledge.  It's FREE!

In conjunction with the event, they did a lovely article in the Register Citizen about me here.  (For some reason it looks like I am wearing freaky white eyeliner in my publicity photo?!)

Thanks so much for stopping in.  I hope you find some beautiful bursts of color wherever you are today!

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Becky Shillington said...

Beautiful photos, Julie! You really have a wonderful artistic eye!

= ) Becky