Sunday, October 13, 2013

Night Fall 2013

Last night Magoo and I got out for a little community culture.  There was an amazing outdoor performance called Night Fall.  They preformed it at Pope Park in Hartford, CT against a small pond. (Which was nice for the end of the performance. More on that later.)  This being our first year, we weren't exactly sure where to sit.  We were a little off to the side which meant that our view was blocked by speakers (boo) but we were ont he side that all the wonderful creatures entered from, so we got a first peek (yay!)

Here's the Great Blue Heron.

And the Water Goddess.

 There was still light when the performance started at 6pm, but night fell quickly.

I didn't get a lot of fabulous shots as it was dark.  I should have taken my Sony Cyber Shot instead of my iPod - but oh well.  Basically, it was an hour long performance filled with giant puppets, song, and dance.  Night fall is the brain child of artist Anne Cubberly, who, I believe, designed all the puppets.

Having some background in puppetry, I'm always amazed but the construction.  Each of the skeletons (below) are operated by one person.  It's hard to see, I know, but the heads of the puppeteers are below the pelvis.  They use sticks to operate the arms and the skeleton's feet are attached to their shoes.

The grand finale was the entrance of the Winter Solstice puppet.   In construction, she was similar to the Water Goddess, however, Winster Solstice was illuminated from within whoch made her SO FREAKIN' COOL to see against the black sky and reflective pond.   Gorgeous!

There were also some boats who brought fire across the pond and set a tribute aflame. 

The whole thing was very well managed and absolutely beautiful.  I'm so glad I was able to attend.

Big Thanks to Anne Cubberly and all the people who made that happen.  It was very special!

(If you want to see some shots from last year's Night Fall, taken by professionals, and some video, go here.  And if you're in the Hartford area, try to catch it next year.)

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Leandra Wallace said...

Wow, I would have loved to have seen something like that! And those big puppets are amazing. Glad you guys enjoyed yourselves. Thanks for sharing!