Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Nine Faces & Pinterest

Nine Faces                       2013                       j. c. phillipps

This is my latest piece, Nine Faces.  I totally ripped the idea off of something I saw on Pinterest.

I have a deep love/hate relationship with Pinterest.  One one hand, I LOVE all the fabulous art I find there.  I have a whole board called Awesome Art by Others, where I put anything that I love.  So, as you can imagine, it's a big board.  But there are times when I am so overwhelmed by the awesomeness of others, it makes my skills seem insignificant.  That's when I hate Pinterest.

But then I see something that inspires me.  I see an idea and I think I want to do something like that!  And I love Pinterest again.  Then I find that I can spend a lot of time jumping from board to board, pin to pin, and I've eaten away my valuable time.  Then I hate Pinterest again!

It's a teeter-totter of emotions, people.

I saw a piece that was similar to this in that it was a collection of circular faces.  That artist did different faces and a different color scheme and they painted the faces whereas I used pen & ink.  But that thing that appealed to me was the use of simple shapes.  I LOVE simple shapes.  I LOVE when there is a giant canvas only of circles, but the colors and the arrangement make is special.  It's the kind of thing that seems easy to produce, but actually not so much.

I'm also really into line work these days.  I've always loved Edward Gorey, who's still the king of line work as far as I'm concerned.  I want to improve mine, so you might be seeing more pieces like this: simple shapes.  Basic watercolor.  Complicated line work.

But then again, I might see something else on Pinterest and go another way completely!

FYI - This piece will be at OPEN STUDIO HARTFORD, Nov 16 &17, 2013.  I'll be on the THIRD FLOOR!!!!

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Angela said...

Very cool! Love Gorey!

Becky Shillington said...

LOVE this, Julie! You are so talented!