Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Julie Knits: Sumner Beanie

I realize it's been awhile since I posted about my knitting.  Sometimes it's because I am making a sweater and I am a leisurely knitter.  A sweater that takes some knitters a month or two, can easily take me six months.  It's cool.   Knitting is about the process for me, moreso than the product.

But this time, it took so long because I had to make three hats before I figured out the right way to make a hat that was perfect for me.

This cool hat is called Sumner.  The pattern on Ravelry is here. 

The first one I made was WAY too small.  It was baby size, really.  (But I didn't know!  I thought it might stretch after blocking.)  Anyway - it was so small I sent it to the tiniest person in my family, my cousin's little girl.  I'm told she looks cute in it.

Then I bought some black yarn and made one for Magoo.  I made a much larger size, and it fits him fine, but it was still a little small for me.

Then I bought this lovely green year (madelinetosh merino light in Grove) and repeated a section in the pattern to give me another inch in the crown of the beanie and PERFECTO!  Fits as though it was made for me - which, of course, it was!

What will I knit now?  Hmmmm?

Hey - tomorrow is THANKSGIVING!  I hope all of you have a safe and lovely holiday with people that you are thankful for!

Best wishes,

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musing manatee said...

Nice! Love that second shot of you...the light is mesmerizing...