Sunday, November 17, 2013

Scenes from Open Studio Hartford

Hi all - I have a few minutes between pancake breakfast and Magoo's swim meet to post some Open Studio pics.

(Above)  Me and my art buddy, Angela Shenk.

(Below)  The gallery on the first floor.

Some of my space before the crowds came in.

Some young ladies and I sit on an invisible bench.

Author-extraordinaire (and writer buddy) Ammi-Joan Paquette was in town, so she stopped by.

There was even a cheetah woman.  Why?  It's one of the mysteries of Open Studio!!!

Open Studio is open today too.  11 - 5pm.  555 Asylum St, Hartford.
I'm in the third floor hallway!
Stop by if you're in the area and you love art shows!

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Leandra Wallace said...

I would love to stroll through an art show- wish I was closer! And every public venue needs a cat woman, lol!