Friday, November 22, 2013

What's Happening: Friday

Happy Friday everyone!  Lots going on - thought I'd share.

For starters, I am now happily married to an app developer!  Mike's first app, KingHunt, is available on the Firefox Marketplace.  WooHoo!

It's a chess app.  It's free.  If you have a FirefoxOS phone and you love chess, check it out!

It was sort of amazing to watch it develop.  There's lots of trial and error, finding bugs and fixing them.  My hubs is a pretty smart guy and when he does a job, he does it right.  So I'm sure it's cool.

That said, I don't play chess, so it might stink.  (Kidding, honey!  I'm kidding!)


One of the coolest gifts I got for my birthday was an underwater casing for my camera.  And here I was, some chump that thought you needed a whole new camera to go underwater.  Not so!  I just pop this clear, plastic casing on my digital camera and BOOM - I'm an underwater photographer!

Of course, it helps if you belong to an indoor pool and it's lightly attended on Wednesday afternoons.  It also helps to have a willing model.  Magoo came through big time!

I have to confess it was a little too fun.  I really didn't do much of a workout that day.  But my lungs did!

Maybe someday I'll go somewhere where there's tropical fish!  Is it wrong to plan a vacation around an underwater camera casing?  Nah!


Mike is getting over a huge cold.  It's been a bummer.  Last night Magoo started sniffling and I have to confess that my through felt a wee bit scratchy.  Well, Thanksgiving is next week so I have a zero tolerance policy for illness in my body this week.  I'm going into lock-down mode.   No crappy food.  (Sorry, chocolate and tortilla chips.)  No public school volunteering.  (Sorry library books, shelve thy-selves.) No heavy workouts.  (Sorry Jillian Michael's.  You're going to have to Shred It yourself.)
It's tea and Vitamin C and relaxation for me.

Also Lysol and washing all the bedding.


I'm seeing CATCHING FIRE tonight!  Can't wait!


With that - I will sign off and hope that you all have a happy and healthy weekend!


Amber Hamilton said...

Julie, I love your blog, books, and picture with scarf (reminds me of Amy Adams). I was just bragging to my sister, former manager at B-A-M, that you posted on my blog. ") (That's my own new smiley. I made it by accident, but I kinda like it.) Btw, planning a vacation around an underwater camera sounds completely sane and reasonable to me, so it might not be.

Julie_c said...

Amber - In my vacation planning fantasy I'm super rich. So in yours, you can be super rich too. Then we can plan anything we want because, yanno, we're super rich and allowed to plan silly vacations over silly things. ") (smiley copy.)

Amber Hamilton said...

Lol! ")