Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Peek at Christmas

Christmas is nearly a week over, but this break has been so crazy busy for me that I'm just now getting the pics on the blog.

By the time all the packages arrive from relatives, there are usually a decent amount of gifts under the tree, but Santa always leaves his right out front, in special Santa paper, with special Santa gift tags. Magoo had asked me earlier in the month if I thought he'd been a good boy.  I didn't realize at the time that he was wondering which list he'd made: naughty or nice.  If you know him, you know it's a silly question.  They put double the nice in that boy when they mixed him up!

Mike got a Magoo-made Han Solo T-shirt.

Even Java got some gifts, but she was pretty happy with the wrapping paper.

Can you guess who didn't want to be in this photo?  I MADE him stand with me for two WHOLE minutes.  I'm the worst!

Later, Gramma, the aunts and Uncle Tom came over.  Magoo got a magic kit,  (I'm pretty excirted about the magic kit myself!) and showed his new trick off to Aunt Pam.

We opened presents, ate lasagna and ice cream pie, played Wii (because we were all stuffed) then I curled up by the fire to enjoy my new gift, a ukelele.

It was a very lovely Christmas at home.  Much thanks to all of the family and friends who sent gifts!  We hope you had a lovely holiday as well!



Leandra Wallace said...

Is that xtra toes I see on Java? The word for that is escaping me at the moment! Glad you all had a lovely Christmas.

Julie_c said...

No extra toes, Leandra. I think Java's photograph just make her look like she had big feet. :)