Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Holiday Bookmarks for the Class

I'm a class parent this year, which basically means I help organize classroom parties.  One of my favorite things to do is come in and do projects with the kids.  Once upon a time in my childhood, half a day could be wasted on a classroom party - but such is no longer the case.  There are things to do, band concerts to see, etc.  So no class project for this party. 

I was bummed (because it's all about me - ha!) but then I had an idea.  If I couldn't do a craft with the kids, I would do a craft for the kids.

I decided I would make every child in Magoo's class their own individual bookmark.

Then I had to think, Okay Julie, individual bookmarks for 24 kids is a big project.  What's the best way to do it.  Do I scan their photographs?  Do I draw them all?  Watercolor?

In the end I decided I would use some of my clip art skills.  (See above) I made six different coats.  Six different pairs of legs.  Six different hats.  I used the class photo as a reference and drew all their faces in a lose cartoony way (not like actual portraits) and scanned them all into the computer and colored them.  Then I pieced them altogether like puzzles, one by one.

Here's a shot of my computer as I was working.

When I finished the bookmarks, I sized them according to my clear packing tape - which is 2" long.  That's my at-home laminating trick: clear packing tape.  So I made all the bookmarks 1.75" wide, then I covered each one with packing tape.  Then I punched a hole in each and tied a white ribbon.

This project cost me nothing but time, and each kid gets a bookmark with their likeness and name on it. 

I hope they like them!


G. S. said...

They are adorable! I'm sure they will love them!

Lisa M Griffin said...

Adorable! And our time is precious, so that is a thoughtful and generous gift indeed. Thanks for sharing.

Andrea Mack said...

Wow! These are wonderful!

I love that clear packing tape trick...I do that too!

Daniel Efosa Uyi said...
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