Monday, December 9, 2013

My Crazy Day

I like a mellow day.

I LOVE it when all I have to do is take Magoo to school and pick him up and the rest of the day I can be home, working, sipping cocoa, watching TV at lunch, making dinner, flipping on the Christmas lights, and hanging with my fellas in the evening.

Today was NOT a mellow day.  I knew it wasn't going to be.  But it got way crazy when things didn't go as planned.

See my mind down there?  Today it was like a train schedule board - flipping, flipping, flipping.

I was supposed to take Magoo into school at 8:30, then take Java to the vet at 9:00 for a tooth extraction.

But there was snow and ice last night and I saw the school was delayed 90 minutes.

Flipping, flipping, flipping.

So I decided that I would need to reschedule the vet appointment to 10:30 OR Magoo would have to walk himself to school by 10.  He's nearly eleven so he could handle it, but still, he's the kind of boy who would remember to wear his boots and take his backpack, but then he'd leave the front door wide open.  

Then, guess what.  I was wrong!  The school was not delayed.  Every other school in the county was delayed, but not our school. 

Flipping, flipping, flipping.

So Magoo went to school on time and I had to drive slowly over the mountain on less-than-ideal roads to drop Java at the vet.

Fine.  Done.  Relax.

I did something fun.  I made a Dot.  Check it out.

I expected a call from the vet around 1pm or 2 pm.  (Because last week they said that they'd call around 1 or 2pm.)  No call.  So at 1:45 I called them.  They were just starting to take the teeth out!  I might not be able to pick Java up until five - which would be fine except Magoo needs to be at the theater for his acting showcase by 5:30! 

Flipping, flipping, flipping.

We only have one car, so if I have to pick up the cat at 5:00, then I have to whip back over the mountain (takes 15-20 minutes) to take Magoo to acting. 

I'm hoping Java is ready earlier.  I plan to show up earlier than 5:00 to get the procedure paid for at least.  Then I'm going to grab my drowsy, annoyed cat and boogie.

Then, it occurred to me, that I had to think about dinner.  Flipping, flipping, flipping.

Solution = soup!
Soup is easy.  Heat & eat.

So, it's 2:30 I just got back from Whole Foods with soup & crackers. I'll pick up Magoo in 40 minutes, and I'll take it from there.

I can tell you this, I'll be exceptionally happy to go to bed tonight and turn the train schedule off.

Tomorrow I have NOTHING planned. 



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Leandra Wallace said...

Yuck, days like that stink. But enjoy your day of nothing tomorrow! =)