Friday, January 10, 2014

Cancelled Author Visit

Well, it finally happened.  Something I had feared.  Something I have never had to do before.  Today I had to cancel an author visit.

Here's what was supposed to happen.

Last night I was supposed to drive to Clinton, MA (about a 90 minute drive from my house) and stay over -night with a friend who worked at the school I was supposed to visit.  Then we were going to drive into school in Waltham, MA int he morning.  Then I was going to do a regular, full-day author visit.  Drive home.

The first glitch came earlier this week.  My friend had the flu.  She said I could still stay with her though, which was very kind.  But I had two thoughts: 1.)  I don't want the flu.  2.) If I had the flu, I wouldn't want a house guest.   So I declined.

I decided that I would simply get up early on Friday, leave around 6am, and drive 2 hours to Waltham. It's not my idea of a good morning, but I'd do it.

Last night I was ready to go.  I had my bag packed.  I had my clothes layed out.  I had written directions and my GPS ready to go.  I even had a book on tape to keep me company on the road.

But this morning at 5:30am, there was snow on the road.  I turned on the TV.  The weatherman said it was sticky snow and that there were "spin-outs, spin-outs, and more spin-outs."  Then I looked at the school delays across CT - 90-minute delays were posted all over the state.


I felt terrible, but it was not a morning to take a 2-hour drive.  It simply wasn't safe.  I had to cancel.

I've left a few emails, a few texts, and one voice mail message.  It is now 7:30, so I just want to make sure everyone can make their plans for my absence.

I feel bad for the kids who were excited about my visit, for those who helped organize it, and for those who got the art supplies together, but as I watch the morning news and see the traffic map lit up with car accidents and spin-outs, I feel I made the right call.  (I probably wouldn't have gotten there anyway with slow roads and traffic jams.)

As the day progresses I'll hopefully be able to reschedule the visit.

This winter has been so weird.  Last weekend we had a polar vortex and this weekend it'll be 50 degrees and rain showers.   Maybe I should aim for Spring?

Hope you all are safe and sound wherever you are!

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