Thursday, January 2, 2014

He Goes to Eleven

Like Nigel's speakers in Spinal Tap, Magoo now goes to eleven!  Woo-hoo!

As he gets older, the parties are starting to swindle down.  Magoo only wanted his two best firends, Curly and Mo, to come for a birthday sleep over.

He wanted pizza and honey cake.  Check and check.

One other birthday tradition that he wanted was his wall.  Every year I tape up a wall of numbers and a photo of Magoo at that age.  He was on the fence this year as to how "cool" it would be to have it up, but I think he really likes it.  He decided to go for it.  Here's a wee Vine video of his progression.

I also included a treasure hunt around the house.  It was a nice little activity for the boys to do between dinner, gifts, and dessert.  I actually enjoy making these too.  The key, I've learned, is to go backwards.  I hid clues behind his swim ribbons, in graphic novels, behind magnets, etc.  They needed a little help from time to time.  Firs example, they realized a clue lead them to the Bone graphic novels, but they were in such a hurry and Magoo has so many of them that they went right past the clue, so I had to help them backtrack.

Also, an added challenge for me was what to put in the treasure box at the end.  These kids are a little old for the tiny junk you get at iParty.  I didn't want to do candy b/c Magoo can't eat it and one of the other boys has a nut allergy and I don't know what brands he can eat.  I didn't want gift cards.  Ear-buds seemed like a good possibility (b/c I am constantly searching for my own ear buds) but it seemed too practical and not enough fun.  Finally I settled on books.  Hard to go wrong with a book.

After all the planned activities were over, the boys settled in for some video games and "scary" stories in the dark.

All in all I think he had a very nice birthday.
(THANK YOU to all who sent gifts.  Thank you notes will be out shortly.)

In other news:

THE SNOW IS COMING!  We got a little snow last night, but it's supposed to his hard this evening.  It might be one day of school and then a snow day, then the weekend.  I just hope it doesn't snow next week.  I have an author visit in Waltham, MA.  I DO NOT want to drive in weather.

Thanks for stopping in for the first post of 2014!


Becky Shillington said...

Happy New Year, Julie, and a belated happy birthday to your son! My boys turned 11 in October, so I know the bittersweet reality of this fun, funny age. They grow up WAY too fast! Enjoy your snow! = )

Johnell DeWitt said...

What a great day for an 11 year old. Happy New Year to you too.