Friday, January 17, 2014

Julie's Easy-Peasy Winter Socks

A couple years ago, I tried to knit a sock.  I was fine until I got to the heel, then I didn't know what the heck the directions were talking about, so I quit.

Years went by.

Recently, I had knit three hats and a scarf and I didn't want to dive into another sweater, so I thought, Hey Julie, you have a few more years of experience now.  Why not try socks again?

So I did.

I thought it might be nice to do a heavy winter sock, so I used a pattern for worsted weight socks.  I also bought a magazine on knitting socks, and looked at several videos on the internet to understand the heel.  It took all these resources combined before I really understood what I was doing because there weren't any diagrams or pictures in any of the patterns.

I'm a visual learner, people!  I need pictures!

So I took it upon myself to draw out step-by-step visual directions for making a worsted weight lady's sock for anyone out there, like me, who likes to know what they heck they're doing.  It's really not difficult if you take it step-by-step and have a sense of what's happening.

There are four sheets.  If you want to follow along, click on each one and print it out.

 There are two things I want to note:

One, it's OK to make mistakes.  These will go on your feet.  Who cares!

Two, the striped socks that I knit were done with self-striping yarn.  I didn't switch skeins or anythign that complicated.  The yarn did the work for me!



Lucia Sasaki said...

Wonderful post, Julie!
Seeing your illustrated recipes I couldn't help thinking: wow, perhaps a new source of publishing opportunities?
Reading your blog always inspire me.

Julie_c said...

Thanks so much, Lucia.

Other people have mentioned me trying to put a cook book out, but because my recipes are specific to Magoo's diet, I don't think it would have widespread appeal.

But thanks just the same!

shirley said...

There's a book about learning how to knit socks visually. May be an interesting point of comparison to your experience (the library may have it).

Julie_c said...

That probably would have been a good one for me to find earlier in the process. Maybe if I try to do another kind of heel, I'll check it out. Thanks, Shirley!

Carolyn Breen Morton said...

What is that beautiful yarn you are using? Is it worsted weight?