Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Oh the Weather Outside is CRAZY!

Friday there was enough snow for a snow day.  That, combined with the early release on Thursday, mean that Magoo attended school for 4 1/2 hours last week.  Woo-hoo!

(Above) We shook things up and went to Elizabeth Park for some sledding action.  See Hartford in the distance?

There were some bumps at the bottom of these unfamiliar hills.

But we all survived.

Yesterday the temperature rose to 50 degrees and it rained all day, which left a lot of yucky mush.

Overnight, it dropped crazy low and everything froze.  There's a 90 minute delay today and I'm trying to figure out whether it's worth my time to defrost my car.  You see, my car gets moisture on the inside and SOMEONE forgot to close all the windows the other day, letting some of that rain in, so there's ice on the windows inside of the car as well as the outside.

Grrrrr.  Eye roll.  Grumble.

Someone in this family has the right idea, though.

Java has curled up on a nice, cozy blanket by the radiator.

It's CRAZY COLD all over - so wherever you are, bundle up and keep warm!

Take care!

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