Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Recent Clip Art

Hi guys -

I'm pretty busy this week polishing up two picture book dummy books for my agent to send out, so there won't be much blogging.

But I don't want to neglect you, so I thought I'd share some of the recent clip art products I've put on the Teachers Pay Teachers site recently.

There seemed to be a lack of President's Day Clip Art on the site.  I mean, there certainly is clip art for that holiday, but most of it is pretty cutsie.  Also, it's easy to find George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, but not many modern presidents.  I narrowed my collection down to five, out of which Kennedy was the hardest to get a good likeness!

The Natural Treasures collection was done on request.  There's a lovely teacher in New Zealand (I think that's where she's from) who wanted this set specifically for a project she was putting together.

Finally there are the Cocoa Critters.  I just wanted to have something fun and wintery.  And since I'm a big lover of cocoa, I thought I'd spread the joy.

I'm drinking cocoa right now.

Hope you're all keeping warm.  It only snowed a bit last night - we didn't even get a school delay - but MAN it's COLD!

Thanks for stopping in.

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