Friday, January 3, 2014

Snow Day #1 2014

The first snow day of 2014 arrived.  We got about one inch of light stuff yesterday morning.  I had the whole walk, driveway, and car cleared in about 25 minutes.

Not today.

We probably got about 8" last night and it's not wet but it is much heavier.

Magoo is eleven now, so he has to help his poor mother with the shoveling.  He was a trouper too.   Did 50% of the driveway and helped with the stuff the plow crammed into the driveway.  (That's always the worst, isn't it?)  And between work periods, he got some snow angel action in.

Here's a shot of the ash can in the backyard.  I thought it was kind of pretty sitting back there in the untouched snow.  And it illustrates about how much we got.

I doubt there'll be sledding today - it's frickin'-frackin' cold out there.  But I'm happy to have some snow back.  And even though it's basically still winter break - it's always great to have a snow day!

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Leandra Wallace said...

My father in law took my little boy sledding today. I guess he loved it, while his older cousin was scared!