Thursday, February 13, 2014

DIY: Ninja Valentines

Happy (almost) Valentine's Day!

We're having another snow day up here in the Northeast, which means that Magoo had time to finish his Valentines for school tomorrow.  (If there will be school.  I think there will be.)

These were easy to make (with a little help from me) and cute enough for Valentines but cool enough for a boy to give.  Wanna whip some up?  Here's what you'll need.

Black construction paper
Paint (I used liquid acrylic)
paint brush
black Sharpie marker
White or Silver marker (to write a note on the back)

This is the stuff that I did:

First, cut some hearts.  I had large paper (11 X 18") so I was able to get 6 hearts per page.  If you have standard 8.5 X 11" you could get 4 hearts or 2 big hearts.

When your hearts are cut, mix some flesh tone paint color.  I used white, a bit of yellow, and a smaller bit of red.  Mix.  Brush color across ninja faces about two times for solid coverage.  Allow 10 minutes to dry.

Then the Valentines were ready for Magoo:

Using a black Sharpie marker, draw eyes on the flesh tone.

On the back side, with a white Jelly Roll pen, write:

To ...

(Then I taped a chocolate on the corner of each one because Magoo is getting a little older and feeling a little silly about handing out Valentines.  It's optional this year in 5th grade, but I thought it'd be nice to do it one final year and I explained that even if kids though Valentines weren't cool, they'd still be psyched to get candy.)

That's it.  Easy-peasy!  And cute!


Cathy Ballou Mealey said...

Cute Valentines!

Have you seen the Babybel Ninja cheese snacks? Google will supply plenty of web images if not!

Looking forward to meeting you at the PB revision workshop next Monday!

Julie_c said...

Oh yay! I'll look forward to meeting you too. (I hope we don't get snow!!!) Thanks for the comment!