Friday, February 28, 2014

Little Mermaid

I just found out that my cousin is having a baby girl in July.  Normally, I would want to knit a baby sweater or blanket, but July babies don't need a sweater.  (I know, I know, I could knit it a 6-mo-old winter sweater, but I like my baby gifts to be a little more immediate.)

That's where Pinterest came in.

Ah, Pinterest.  If there's is one time-suck that I am particularly vulnerable to, it's you.  But I came across some really fun needlework projects and when I saw some dolls, I HAD to make one too.

Because I'm dealing with a baby and not a little girl, I wanted to keep everything simple.  So I didn't include any little parts (like beads or buttons) that could be ripped off and swallowed.

I present my simple little mermaid.  She's for the baby, but ten bucks says she'll be intercepted by the big sister.  :)


Leandra Wallace said...

I like how it's got different textures on it, a baby'll love running their little inquisitive fingers over that. It's very cute!

Julie_c said...

That's a good thought, Leandra. I was thinking it might like to suck on the arms. :)

kathy said...

It is adorable and big brother may want to intercept it as well!