Tuesday, February 18, 2014

President's Day Ski Fun!

This weekend we skipped up to Woodstock, Vermont to visit with family and have a little wintery fun.

Every year we ski at Suicide Six.  It's a nasty name, isn't it?  But it's really a very nice, cozy ski resort.  Two lifts and a J-bar.  That's it.  It's easy to find your companions if you go down different paths.  And, they have a run called the Easy Mile, which I really, really like.  You know why?  Cause it's easy and long.

I can ski.  But I'm not a fast, mogul, challenge, thrill-seeking skiier.  I'm a la, la, la enjoy-myself,  low-fear of injury skiier.  Magoo is more like me.  He's not one of these kids flying down the mountain.  He does not want to go to the hospital.  But, because he skis so rarely, I think it's a nerve-wracking experience for him unless he's eased into it with ski school.

This year we didn't do ski school.  He didn't NEED it, but I think it would have been a good idea, mentally.  He was fine on the bunny hill, but once we went to the Easy Mile, it was snow plow city with almost no use of the space.  And, because it's long, I think it was hard for him to be nervous for that long at a time.  He actually did better on the shorter, yet more-challenging hill.

Another bonus of ski school is it gives Mike and I a chance to ski together without having to worry about Magoo.  Which is nice.  Because when Magoo is with us, I usually ski behind him and I focus so much on him and shouting encouragements to him that I don't really experience the mountain for myself.

I did get one solo run in.  So I got my la la's out.

Behind the condo where we stayed, there was a hill of fresh snow.  And it was deep too!  (It's not the fun walking through 18" deep snow. Jiminy - the work out!)  We were getting a good path cut into it, when Magoo informed me that he had a TON of snow in his boots.  Well, we can't have that.  So we made our way back inside to dry his tootsies off.

Later we ventured into town to do a little shopping at my favorite Woodstock store, UNICORN!

We ended up departing a day early because it was supposed to snow at home, right now in fact, and it is surely snowing.  Thick, wet flakes are falling beautifully onto the already white surface. 

It's pretty, but I'm looking forward to the patch of warm weather coming later in the week.

Hope you all had a nice President's Day weekend!

Thanks for stopping in!

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