Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Yarn Along: Socks for Magoo

Although it's been forever since I participated, I'm joining in the fun of Ginny's Yarn Along today.
I never stopped knitting.  I just stopped recording it.  Honestly, it seems like time flies away from me these days so I'm good if I get 75% of my to-do list accomplish.  But I finished the socks last night, and Wednesday is Yarn Along day, so it all worked out.

The socks are the same pattern I used for my own socks which you can find here.  Except instead of casting on 48 stitches, I cast on 42 (and adjusted the math accordingly.)

The yarn is Universal Yard Classic Shades.  Color: Cedar Forest.  It's not a fancy yarn, but it was very nice to work with and the feature that won me over was that it's machine washable.  They're socks.  They're going to go on stinky boy feet.  I need to be able to wash those puppies.

One skein gave me two socks with only a bit to spare!  (I was getting worried at the end, but it all worked out.)  I even have an extra skein, so I might be knitting Magoo a hat too.

 My book this week is, literally my book, THE SIMPLES LOVE A PICNIC.  Regular readers will know that I wrote and illustrated this book, but for those of you who are here through the blog roll, hey, I wrote and illustrated a picture book.  It comes out with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt on April 8 and I constantly have my nose in it these days as I prepare for author visits and create worksheets for teachers and homeschoolers for my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

It's a sweet little story about a family who go on a picnic.  All sorts of things go wrong and the family pulls together to make the picnic work in the end.  I was inspired by the Richard Scarry books that I used to love as a child.  It seemed like, in those stories, all the fun happened on the journey and not the destination. THE SIMPLES LOVE A PICNIC is a silly, happy, funny family book. (And it got a great review from Kirkus - YAY!)

Too pitchy?  Sorry.

I'm off to prepare for the Nor'easter tomorrow.  I hope you are warm and dry wherever you are and thanks so much for stopping in!


flyingjen said...

We'll have to look for the books when it comes out. We are always on the lookout for new books.

Elizabeth B Martin said...

I love your blogs and would like to keep reading them. I'm not sure how to subscribe. I was shown some of your blogs from last year about showing and telling. I'm hooked and don't want to miss a word. Thanks

Julie_c said...

Hi Elizabeth - thanks so much for your lovely comment. I think you can"Follow" my blog. Is there a button on the ride hand side with members or followers? (I don't know if you need to be on Blogger to follow though.) Otherwise I try to post 2 - 3 times per week.