Friday, March 14, 2014

Kickin' Off the Season at Hockanum School

Spring time is School Visit time for me - and I LOVE it!

I was a tad under-the-weather today, but when I got in front of an auditorium of kids, I went to 11! 

I enjoy the solitude of writing (one student asked if I got lonely being by myself all day) but I also, equally, enjoy getting out to the school and talking to kids.  It's just fun! 

I had the absolute pleasure of visiting the second, third, and fourth graders at Hockanum School in East Hartford today, and I had a blast telling them all about what it's like to be an author/illustrator!
Then I retired into the art room (hosted by the fabulous art teacher, Liz Finnegan) and walked the third and fourth graders through the Dreaming Ninja collage project - which they ROCKED!

Thank you SO MUCH to Liz Finnegan and everyone at Hockanum School!  You all were great and showered me with such enthusiasm!  Sure, I had to go home and wind down with soup and carrots, but you all made me smile and laugh and that's the best medicine!

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