Monday, March 10, 2014

Picture Book Spotlight: TRACTION MAN IS HERE!

This week the Picture Book Spotlight shines on TRACTION MAN IS HERE! by the marvelous Mini Grey.

When I went scouting through my picture book shelves to find a good book for this week's Spotlight, I saw certain titles and said, "Sure,"  or "That could work," but when I got to TRACTION MAN it was a big YES YES YES because this is a really fun and fabulous book that both my son and I loved.

The thing that is sort of wonderfully original about TRACTION MAN is the way the story telling is less like an author writing and more like a child playing.  The child narrates Traction Man's adventures against the Pillow Monsters and the Poisonous Dishcloth while highlighting the fun costume and accesory choices Traction Man has for each mission.

Traction Man is diving in the foamy waters of the Sink (wearing his Sub-Aqua Suit, Fluorescent Flipper, and Infra-Red Mask.)

Both Boy and Traction Man are having a grand old day until they arrive at Grammy's house and she presents Traction Man with a hand-knit green romper and matching bonnet.

After that, Traction Man has some hilarious confidence problems.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the art with its shaggy black lines and rough, textured colors.  I love the compositions and how Ms. Grey breaks up the space.  It's full of action and fun.

Now, apart from the artistic merits of the book, I would like to note that this book was a HUGE HIT when I read it to my son's Kindergarten class.  One time, one of his friends came over to the house and instead of playing he wanted to read TRACTION MAN again.   This book, character, and series is BIG TIME FUN again and again.  If you don't rush out and buy my new book (self-plug: THE SIMPLES LOVE A PICNIC) then you should absolutely get one of the TRACTION MAN books: TRACTION MAN MEETS TURBODOG or TRACTION MAN AND THE BEACH ODYSSEY.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Today I'm up at the Eric Carle Museum at a Picture Book Revision workshop hosted by SCBWI, so I should have a full report on that soon, Picture Book Peeps!

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