Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Workin' It at the Eric Carle Museum

Yesterday I had the great pleasure of participating in SCBWI-NE's Picturebook Revision Workshop at the Eric Carle Museum, lead by Harold Underdown and Eileen Robinson.

It was EXACTLY what I needed to breakdown some issues I was having with a manuscript and reimagine different ways to solve the problems.

Harold and Eileen walked us through many different strategies to get us to see inconsistencies in character choices, places with no action, redundancies, repetitive word choices, etec. and thought us new ways to switch up POV's, anaylize characters, and add layers to the stories we have.

It was a long day.  A tiring day.  But I did get to sneek out and do a wee bit of paper craft in the art studio!

The project theme was "paper sculpture" so I made a sassy lady with a feathered cap.  I was the only on in there!  (I think I might have been the only illustrator in the group.  Maybe.)  But I was having a serious input/output balance problem and NEEDED some creative output.  Ahhhhh.

I met a ton of great people and got a ton of good information and tools.  Harold and Eileen referred to several great books on craft, so if you couldn't make it, check out these titles:
Writing Picture Books by Ann Whitford Paul
Second Sight by Cheryl B. Klein
Writing It Right! by Sandy Asher

Also both Harold and Eileen offer websites with tons of information and editorial services.  You can find Harold at THE PURPLE CRAYON website and Eileen at F1RST PAGES.

THANKS SO MUCH to SCBWI for offering this fabulous workshop at such a generous price.
THANKS to the ERIC CARLE MUSEUM, a lovely place to spend the day.
THANKS to HAROLD and EILEEN for sharinf their wealth of information.
And THANKS to CAROL MUNRO for organizing the whole thing.

Selfie at the Eric Carle:

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Aki Nawuki said...

That is awesome..

Julie_c said...

Thanks Aki! It was a really great workshop.

Leandra Wallace said...

There's an Eric Carle museum? I had no idea! I like the paper lady. Her eyelashes remind me of when I found some fake eyelashes in the drive-thru drawer at work a couple of weeks ago, lol!

Anna Staniszewski said...

I used to work at the Carle when it first opened. It's one of my favorite places! Thanks for the tip about WRITING IT RIGHT. I hadn't heard of it before, but it looks like a fantastic resource.

Julie_c said...

Leandra - the Eric Carle Museum is in Amherst, MA. It's a fabulous building with two large galleries and one small one. There's an art studio where you can go and make art, a fantastic bookstore, a great picture book library to sit and read with the kiddos, and a cafe where you can eat if you brought food. Love that place!

Julie_c said...

Anna -that's so cool! I bet it was a wonderful place to work.

Cathy Ballou Mealey said...

I was alone in the craft room too...and I had a fan girl moment looking at the fabulous Peter Reynolds doodle on the wall.

Great to meet you on a non-cyber space!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on the workshop. I signed up, but there were too many ahead of me, so I didn't end up making the cut--so disappointed. :( Glad you enjoyed--sounds like a fun time!