Monday, April 21, 2014

Crafting on a Monday

Spring Break is over and Magoo has gone back to school, so I have to get my picture book mojo back in swing.  But there were too many other little things that needed my attention today and I couldn't muster up the work ethic, so I decided to just roll with whatever I felt motivated to do. 

The first thing I did was make felt food!

You see, I have an author appearance in two weeks.  I'll be in Cambridge, MA at PROJECT:READ at the Cambridge Health Alliance.  When chatting with the coordinator, she told me that I could bring props for my table.

Normally I have no props.  But this time I do!  I remembered Lulu and Ben, the softie characters I made from my book characters.  And they alone are pretty cute - but how much cuter will they be with a basket of felt picnic foods?!?!  Soooooo cute!  (Not picture: felt donut.)

So that was fun.

Then, because this Thursday is Nature Fest at Magoo's school and I have volunteered to do collage birds with the kids, I had to prepare an art-to-go kit.

I gathered up a bunch of scrap mat board and patterned paper, pencils, Sharpies, and glue stix, and I made a lovely little panel of directions for kids who don't want to listen to me.  (It's cool - some kids just want to GO GO GO!)  (On the other side is a 4-step owl.)

It was a cute & crafty Monday on my end.

I hope you all had some spots of fun in your day too!

Thanks for stopping in!

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Leandra Wallace said...

Oh, those will be great as props! They're so cute and look just like the book characters. Well done! =)