Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Simples Love Worksheets

Hi all!  I've missed a couple blog days so I'm playing catch up with two new sets of worksheets:  Graphing and Prepositions!

If you're not a teacher, this post will probably not interest you, so let me just remind you that THE SIMPLES LOVE A PICNIC is coming out Tuesday and I'll be running a giveaway starting that day, so come back.  (But you can go now, b/c it's gonna be worksheets for the rest of this post. :)

The first set is about graphing.  There's an ilustration of ants taking over a picnic and gathering near certain foods.  The studnt would look at that illo and graph the info on this graph sheet.

Go to my Teachers Pay Teachers store here to get the full FREE download.

My second set of worksheets is on Prepositions.

There are two worksheets.   The one below asks the students to look at the squirrel in each panel and circle the preposition that best describes where the squirrel is.

Go HERE to down the FREE Preposition worksheets.

I have two more sets to unroll this week, but I'll try to get everything up on teh Teachers Pay Teachers site today.  So if you're a teacher and you CAN'T WAIT, then click here to go to my TPT store.

It's a beautiful Spring day today in Sunny CT!  I hope you are all out enjoying the weather and having a fabulous Sunday!

Thanks so much for stopping in!  Remember - THE SIMPLES LOVE A PICNIC comes out on Tuesday!  And I'll be doing a giveaway right here!  Come back!

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