Monday, June 9, 2014

Celebrate West Hartford

It was a GORGEOUS weekend for our town's big fair, Celebrate West Hartford.  Sunny, 80's, low humidity.  Just lovely.  We had a little technological mix-up with meeting some friends there (my stupid cell phone) otherwise, we had a blast.  (Man, that Tilt-o-Whirl packs a lot more of a punch than I remember!)

Here are some shots I took with my iPod that I enhanced with an ap called Snapseed.  Very fun!

Magoo played many games and won the squirt gun race the second time around.  (We're pretty sure there was a plant there on the first time through.  The dude had been hanging around the stand and surprise, surprise he won!  Later, when we went back, he was still there, but he was just leaving when we decided to play.)  Magoo's prize?  A tiger with a Rastafarian hat and dreads that he named Dr. Sexy.

Good times!

Thanks so much for stopping in.  I hope you were able to do something fun this weekend as well!

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