Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Fun TIme with Fan Mail

The month of May was a busy time for me; LOTS of author visits!  But sometimes something really fun and wonderful happens - sometimes, the kids send me notes!

Here's a note for one child...

100 books!  Wow!  That's great!
Here's a note from the same class ...

Boo-ya!  In your face, N!  K's going to write 1000 books!  I wonder if these two are a wee bit competitive?  (Just kidding about the "in your face" part. I hope you do write 1000 books!)

I'm always delighted to get art, too!

Here are THE SIMPLES ...

One child made a hilarious drawing of Lulu stuffing Dizzy into her big back pack, but it was very small.

Wink would be thrilled to see this illustration!

And look at all these adorable Monkey Onos!

One fifth grade class read THE SIMPLES LOVE A PICNIC and made some suggestions for the kinds of adventures The Simples could go on next.  This letter has some particularly good ideas.
(I'll type it below (as is) in case it's too difficult to read.)

Dear Ms. Phillipps,
   I love your book the simples love a picnic.  I liked your book because It was funny.  My Faverit illustration was when lulu stuck her cat I her "very big back pack."  Because the way you said it made it better.  I think the nect book you make should be The Simples love camping.
   There camp sight is on an Island and they canoe there and it sinks, then racoons should make a nest in there tent, then a Deer eat's the smores.

Those are some fabulous ideas!  Right?  We'll see how The Simples Love a Picnic does in the marketplace.  I'd love to make another book, but this one has to sell well enough to warrant it.  Fingers crossed.

Anyway, THANKS to all the kids who wrote me wonderful notes and drew gorgeous pictures and shared their ideas with me.  I love every single one of them! 

Thanks so much for stopping in, my friends!
I hope you're having a lovely June week.
Magoo's graduation from elementary school is Thursday, so I'm sure I'll have a big weepy Mama post for you soon.

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