Monday, June 2, 2014

Magoo's Swim Meet

Yesterday we had the pleasure of going to one of Magoo's swim meets.  He's not on the regular swim team - which would have meets all the time - but rather he's in a group called Stroke and Fitness which is kinda like swim-team-lite.  They meet on Saturdays and work on technique.  They might have two to three casual meets per year.  It low-pressure.

We haven't really been able to hit the meets this year.  The first one was during Open Studio Weekend and Mike was supposed to take Magoo, but Mike got sick.  I took Magoo for, like, an hour before I had to rush to the art building and Magoo only got to compete in one heat.

The second meet snuck up on us.  Without warning, they were like, "There's a meet tomorrow.  Can you come?!"  Maybe there was a flyer we missed or something, but Magoo is like me in that he likes a bit of warning.  So he declined.  Then, when the kids in his group got their ribbons a week later, he felt pretty bad about missing it.

But there was a THIRD MEET!  Yay!  And we made it!

It was at a fancy boarding school in Simsbury call The Westminster School, (we thought we might get kicked out because our car wasn't nice enough.) Here is the beautiful pool.

Magoo competed in five or six heats and he did great - even coming in first in the breast stroke!

We're very proud of him, but more important, he's pretty proud of himself.

Thanks so much for stopping in!  I'm off to my last full-day author visit of the school year!  Pics soon.

Have a happy Monday!


Leandra Wallace said...

Tell him congrats for me! That's pretty awesome!

Julie_c said...

Thanks so much, Leandra!