Monday, July 14, 2014

Art Camp: Asian Exploration

We're in the middle of Africa Week now, but I wanted to show you all the cute projects my campers made last week during Asian Exploration.

Fish Prints,

Wang Yani Monkeys,

Sumi-E Bamboo and Snails,

Origami Kimonos,

and Blossoms in Oriental Vases.

This week it's an even bigger batch of kids and Magoo is in his own camp so I'll have my hands extra full!  Updates soon!

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a fabulous week!


Dawn Kurtagich said...

Stumbled across this bog by accident, so glad I did! This gave me just the dose of cute and awesome I needed! :D

Julie_c said...

Hi Dawn - Welcome! Thanks so much for stopping and for your lovely comment!