Saturday, July 12, 2014

Summer Fun!

We're full into summer fun around here.  Most afternoons are spent by the pool with friends (although we had to miss a few days to allow Magoo's frisbee laceration to heal.)  But we've followed the doctor's orders and now he's back into the swim of things.

The underwater camera is always fun.  I took this shot of the boys jumping in (above) and Magoo took the shot of underwater Mo (below.)

Here's our new frisbee.  It's big, light, and padded.  If it hit you in the face, it still might hurt, but I bet you wouldn't need to go to the ER.

Summer fun isn't complete until the ice cream truck comes down the street.    Curly and Mo live on a busier street than we do so I don't know if the ice cream truck goes past their house, but BOY OH BOY did they let me know when it was coming down our road.  "JULIE!!!!  THE ICE CREAM TRUCK IS COMING!  JULIE!  ICE CREAM TRUCK!  PLEASE PLEASE!"

How could I say no to that?

Hope you're all having a great summer so far!

Thanks for stopping in!

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