Sunday, July 6, 2014

Tattoo Series

It was a kick-back kind of weekend at the shore, so I packed my portable paints and my blue pen and got a couple more Tattooed People done.

This guy is Tattooed Boxer.

Tattooed Boxer          2014             j. c. phillipps
It was actually a bit of a challenge to find a guy's pose that wasn't the standard "guy with arms folded pose."  I had initially wanted to do a sailor, but I didn't think I could sell it as a sailor without the sailor shirt.  And if the dude has a shirt on, that defeats the purpose of showing tattooed skin.  So I went with boxer.  If you look closely, you'll see he has a lot of nautical tattoos, though, so I figure he used to be a sailor and now he's trying to make a little extra cash on the local boxing circuit.

Gladys the Tattooed Lady    2014    j. c. phillipps
This tattooed lady makes a living at the carnival.  She's not quite as Tattooed as Lydia the Tattooed Lady, but she's pretty enough to draw people in.  (That, and she has a nice, ample tush.)  I figure she's more of a Gladys the Tattooed Lady.

I've shown these two before, but I thought I'd include them and have a blog post with the whole set.

Black Bearded Tattoo Guy      2014     j.c. phillipps

Tattoo Girl with Coffee     2014    j.c. phillipps
This was a fun little project, and there may be more, but since I have four pieces now, I have enough for a set of cards.  Besides, I like to see how something will sell before I go whole-hog.  These are small pieces so I won't have to charge more that $100 for any of them.  Maybe less.  We'll see.  But I figure the customer for this kind of art is a little younger, maybe has some tattoos, had space for a small piece of art.  So I have to keep it affordable.

Of course, if they don't sell at the art show, I could always take them down to the town tattoo parlor and see if they'd hang them.  You never know!

Hope you're all having a great weekend!
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