Thursday, July 3, 2014

WHAL: First Week of Camp is Over

Because tomorrow is the Fourth of July, today was my last day with my little lovelies of Week 1: Folk Stories and Fairytales.

They were a peppy, sweet group of 10 artists who were high on energy and talent.

This is my favorite exchange of the day:
A little boy was being kinda rowdy and couldn't stop interrupting me.
Me:  Am I going to have to write a note to your mother?
Him:  (Looking at me with big eyes.)  I like to shower with my clothes on.

How can I stay annoyed at that level of randomness? I can't!

Anyway, here are some pics from the week:

The kids did a great job with Sumi - E cats, mice, and snails.

They hand printed birch trees for a Little Red Riding Hood collage.

Many of them really enjoyed making Fairy Tale castles with washi tape flags.

Next week: Asian Exploration!  Woohoo!

I hope you all enjoy Fourth of July weekend.  We plan to go to the beach, but because Magoo had a bit of an injury yesterday, he won't be able to go into the water too much.

Here's what happened.  We were at the pool.  Magoo and some boys were playing with a frisbee that was designed for frisbee golf so it had a bit of an edge to it.  One of the boys threw it a little harder than he should have for the small space that they were in.  Magoo got hit.  She came over to me, cryinging and covering his face.  I was surprised to see that the frisbee had sliced his upper cheek about 3/4" long.  (But I have to say it wasn't bleeding badly at all.)  Since we were at the pool, we went right to the life guard station and they cleaned it up and put the loose gauze on it.  We ended up at the ER thinking he would need a few stitches, but they cleaned him up, glued it, and secured it with a butterfly bandage.

He's doing just fine!  (But he can't get super wet for a week.  So yes to beach fun.  No to swimming.)

Thanks so much for stopping in!  

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