Sunday, August 3, 2014

At the Cabin

Hi guys -  sorry I've been away but, well, I've been away.  My family and I just got back from a lovely week at the family cabin on the Northwest coast of Michigan.   (Not the Upper Penninsula, which is sort of it's own thing, but the north part of the mitten.  "Up North" to locals.)

It's difficult to see the front of the cabin b/c it's right on the Betsie River, so this shot (above) is taken more from the side.  (Below) Here's the view we wake up to every morning.  One morning there was a man fishing in the river and another morning it was fun to watch a parade of kayaks maneuver through.

I'll share some of our Michigan adventures throughout the course of the week, but most of the time was spent being leisurely.  Magoo snapped a pic of me painting on the deck.

Here's the end result:  A bowl of tiny plums.  (This is a photograph, not a scan, so it's a little dark on the corners.)

Hope you all had a lovely week!
Thanks for stopping in!

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