Monday, August 4, 2014

Climbing the Bear

One of my favorite parts of our Michigan trip was visiting the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes.   I had been once before, when I was like eight or nine - younger than Magoo.  I remember them being massive - which my young mind did not exaggerate at all - they're huge.  In face, they're even bigger than I remembered. 

We'd clear a ridge and I'd say, "I think the next one is the top."  It wasn't.  We'd clear that one and there would be another ridge to clear.  "That one must be the top."  Nope.

We got high enough to see Lake Michigan, but it was a good ways yonder before we would have been able to set foot in it - so we settled for the view and considered it a success.

Of course, the rewards of climbing up that dune is the fun of coming back down!

It is fun to run down a dune!  Hey, that could be a new children's book: It's Fun to Run Down a Dune!

It's fun to run down a dune
and sing a jaunty tune
but don't fall in the pits
you'll get sand in your bits
and be cleaning them out until noon.

And on that bit of nonsense, I'll sign off!
Thanks for stopping in!  Have a lovely Monday!

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