Wednesday, August 27, 2014

First Day of Middle School!

Magoo is off to his first day of middle school!  ACK!

Yesterday we went in for a walk-through.  Magoo got his schedule, found his locker, practiced the combination, and made his way through the CRAZY crowded hallways (Parents, can you please have your conversations with each other off to the side?) and met all of his teachers.

This transition is such a biggie.   What a lot to remember, when you think about it.  For starters, he had to catch a bus for the first time.  (I hung back so I wouldn't embarrass him, and I won't go tomorrow, but I did want to see what time the bus actually pulled up.  7:35.)

He has to work a combination lock.  He has to switch classes and navigate a building that is all new to him.  I dread the cafeteria moment.  We all know those moments - when you walk in for the first time and don't know where to sit.  Ack!  But those are important defining moments of youth, aren't they?  They show us that we can live through life's uncertainties and then, later, bond over how weird and awful they were.

If there's one thing I can say about this middle school, it is this: they seem to get it.  They really seem to understand how difficult this transition is for the kids and they have all sorts of things in place to help them.  I'm sure Magoo will be fine.  

As for me, I quelled my crazy-mom energy by cleaning his room.

MAN - was that room messy!  He's a Lego kid, so the floor was covered with them.  Landmines galore!  And he has a lot of books, so those were stacked and shoved all over the place.

It took me 90 minutes, but I sorted out the Legos from the Bionicles, put all his DS games away, made the bed ...

... sorted through the books (making a nice pile for the Book Barn), sorted through too-small clothing, and put the miscellaneous toys in the toy chest.

See that floor?  You couldn't see that before!

Yes, I know, I'm creating a young man who doesn't know how to clean his room, but it calmed me.  And this exercise was about me.  :)

Thanks so much for stopping in!  I appreciate you spending a little time with me.  Have a great Wednesday!


shirley said...

Boy. Time sure does fly. Hugs to you, hope he had a good first day. xo

Julie_c said...

Thanks Shirley. He did have a good first day. He had some friends in his groups/classes and he seemed really excited when he got home.