Thursday, August 14, 2014

Holy Cop

A few months ago, Magoo was joking around in the back of the car and he came up with an idea for a cop show parody.  He used to be a priest, then he became a cop.  Now he's ... Holy Cop!

We joked around about it for awhile, then I thought This could be a summer project.

Magoo was into it, so he wrote a script.  In the beginning he made the "actors" and I made the sets, then, when it became too much work, I made the "actors" too.  See, we're using paper puppets and you have to make new ones for each scene, so it can get a bit tedious.

We're recently wrapped principal photography ...

Holy Cop questions a suspect at Toilets R Us.

Magoo works the Holy Cop puppet.

... and Magoo just finished editing the first cut on iMovie.

Tomorrow we hope to do the voice overs and find some background sounds.  Then, next week, perhaps we'll have a premiere party.  Once we have the VIP Premiere I can share it here on the blog.

So far it's been a good project for lazy days when it's too cool for the pool and there are no buddies around.  I figure this helps him learn a bit about writing, do some art, and learn some new computer skills.  Not bad for a summer project, right?

Hope you're all having a productive summer as well!
Take care!

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AG said...

Excellent project! Can't wait to see all your hard work and fun first hand.

PS available for future voice casting...