Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Kayak Attack

We enjoy kayaking - not to the point where we own our own, but when we're on vacation, it's a nice thing to do.  It's lovely to coast down a river - enjoy the scenery - feel the cool water on your hand - see nature - and, occasionally, navigate a turn or two.

That's what it used to be - but kayaker, BEWARE THE RIVER THAT ALLOWS TUBING!

You see, in the first part of the river, it wasn't so bad.  There were a few tubers to navigate around, but it was manageable.   But then we got to the fishing gate (below.)  Once we past this point, the river was infested with tubers!  (They must have had a launch around there or something.)

 The thing about tubers is that it's a completely different pace and experience than kayaking, and therefore the two should not share the same space.  Pedestrians walk on the sidewalk, cars drive in the street, right?  Tubes are slow.  Kayaks are faster.  Tubers like to cluster together like little islands.  Kayaks may travel together, but they don't huddle up.  Tubers drink, smoke, and apparently blast '80's music from a radio as they leisurely float down a river.  Ok - fine - if that's your jam.  But this is what that means for a kayaker in the same waterspace.  (See below.)

It's hell on us.

Navigating a fallen tree is one thing.  Navigating a floating cluster of twelve tipsy people is another.

As I passed by one such cluster, a lady said to me, "You should join our group!  It's less stressful!"  I stared at her and sneered.  I did.  I sneered.  I wasn't trying to sneer.  I was trying to give a good polite Michigan smile, but I couldn't help it.  I was so irritated I wanted to scream, "YOU'RE what's causing my stress!"  But I didn't.  I just sneered.

So, it was sorta a nice kayak trip, but it could have been better.

Ok, I'm off to the dentist.  Gotta run!  Thanks so taking some time to visit!

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