Thursday, September 25, 2014

Pluggin' Along

Sorry there hasn't been much on the blog this week.  I've just been plugging along, working on a couple new pieces.  (Well, one is new, one is just newly dusted off.)

I have four projects out in the world right now:

THE ILLUSTRATED PIECE.  This is a piece that was written by someone else and my agent, Scott Treimel, wanted me to do some illustrations for it.  We are always trying to get me straight illustration work, but it doesn't really take.  This is a really cute story, but it falls somewhere between a picture book and an early reader and editors aren't sure where to put it, so it hasn't sold yet.  Everyone seems to like it though, so it's still making the rounds.

ONE WORD PIECE.  This is one of my own stories where there is only one word in the text.  Obviously, it's more of an illustration showcase.  I have worked on this one SO MUCH.  When there are no words to help the story along, you have to be extremely clear with the illustrations - so clarity of story, character, and motivation where big challenges.

ANTI HERO STORY.  I wrote a story about a naughty character.  This breaks the picture book mold a bit, as there aren't a lot of bad main characters out there.  But I figured the anti-hero is becoming more and more prominent in adult pop culture, so - if done properly - it could work itself into the picture book world too.  Right now, this one is the forerunner of being Book #5.  But there are no deasl yet.  Just longing and hope (on my part.)

TWIN STORY.  This is a story that started out as a picture book, then an editor wanted to see if I could make it into a three-story early reader book.  (I tried really hard, but I couldn't really do it.  It's a lot harder than you might think.)  Now it's a kid graphic novel of sorts that has been specifically designed to be a certain type of book - meaning, I made it look exactly like this one line of books I really like.  The editor is very high-and-mighty and the chances of her picking it up are slim.  She's the only one who has it right now and it's probably sitting somewhere in her slush pile.  We're waiting on that one.  For awhile.  Then I'll rejigger it again, and so on, and so on.

But those are the pieces that are done(ish.)  Nothing is ever done until they start to print it.

The two projects I am currently working on are:

RHYMING PICTURE BOOK.  This is out to the crit group this week.  I dont usually do rhymes, but the tone of the book might run dark, so I thought a peppy little rhyme might help liven it up.

GRAPHIC NOVEL.  This is a longer Babymouse/Lunch Lady style of graphic novel for a middle school aged kid.  Because it's longer, it has taken awhile to get it right.  Now I have a goal of sketching out 4 pages a day to see how long it's coming in at.

That's what I'm up to!
Shana Tova to all my Jewish friends!
Happy Thursday to the rest of you!


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