Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Seagull in an Ochre Sky

Seagull in an Ochre Sky     2014       j. c. phillipps
Since school has started back and I have a little more time on my hands, I have to start thinking about Open Studio Weekend.  I didn't sell a lot off the wall last year, so I have a good bit of inventory that is already matted and framed.  But I don't want to put the same old paintings up either.  A lot of the folks who come through are Open Studio regulars and they don't want to see the same paintings year after year.  Gotta swap them out!

So this year when I have a painting in mind, I go down to the basement and look at my framed work and choose a mat/frame first.  Then I paint to size.

When my painting is done, like Seagull in an Ochre Sky, I just rip out the old painting, pop in the new one, and it's the easiest frame job ever!

The old painting goes in plastic on the rack, where it will be just a little bit cheaper than last year.  And where, quite frankly, most things sold from last year.

That rack is like the Filenne's Basement of original art.  Same great quality, low low prices.  :)

In other news:
The humidity is gone.  It is SO MUCH NICER today and I'm jut a happier person in general!  It's not gone forever though.  It'll be back by Saturday.  So I'm just going to enjoy the cool breeze as much as I can until then.

Hope the breeze is blowing on you wherever you are!
Thanks for stopping in!

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