Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Mark your calendars, local art-loving peeps!  OPEN STUDIO HARTFORD 2014 is going to be November 15 - 16th, 11am - 5pm, Artspace, 555 Asylum Ave, Hartford.

(Okay, it's going to be in way more places than just Artspace.  But I will be in Artspace and I want you to come see me.  :)

It's about a month away so I'm starting to gather my nitty-gritty items like cards:

I have some new card collections this year:  Fruit cards (above) and Tattoo Folk (below.)

I'll have originals of all the Tattoo Folk, as well.

I don't like to make too many softies because then I feel like I'm working in a warehouse, but it's nice to have a few little friends to go with book purchases.  Here's Rocco and Dizzy from The Simples Love a Picnic.

I decided that the Tiny Towns I made for the WeHa Artists Emporium Finders Keepers were just too darn cute not to have at Open Studio as well.  So I made a bunch of those.

Of course there will be lots and lots of art by myself and others.  And, for those of you who do stop by, the fabulous Ms. Angela Shenk and I will be on the first floor this year!

There are many bonuses to being on the first floor - for starters, we don't have to deal with the dreaded elevator.  You should see that place at 5:15 on Sunday.  The line for the elevator is CRA-ZAY.  Also, whenever there is food about, it's usually on the first floor.  And, best of all, everyone enters on the first floor - we should get a decent amount of traffic.

The deficits to the first floor will be the cold.  We'll be close to the back entrance so if it's brisk out there, we're gonna feel it.  Guess who has two thumbs and will be wearing a cool hipster hat?  This gal!  Also, since we're in the main hall and not by the resident studios, there's little-to-no security for the art.  I'll have to put a lot of it away at night.  That's sort of a bummer.  But oh well. 

No elevator.
No elevator.
No elevator.

So if you're around, come by and see me.  Yeah?

Thanks so much for stopping in!

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