Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Paper People & Pets

I'm starting a new little side business. I kinda sorta launched it on Facebook yesterday - but I imagine the majority of customers will come from Open Studio.  (Nov 15 & 16th.)

I'm interested in doing some custom work, but I don't really love doing straight-up watercolor portraits because the way I see you might be different from the way you see you, and it's horrible to have unhappy customers.  (Not that I've had a lot. A few.  It's not pleasant.)

So I started this little line of custom-made paper people (and pets.)  They are made in the client's likeness, but are not portraits.  They're not technical enough for that.  These are easier for me to make because I only need a couple photos of the model and they only have to be OK photos.  I mean, if I was doing a watercolor portrait, the lighting would need to be good, the pose, yadda, yadda.  With these I just need to be able to see what the person looks like.  Then I'm good to go.

I think these would make really fun and special gifts for newlyweds, families, favorite teachers, people and their pets, your mailman, crazy Aunt Linda, Sam the butcher, and anyone, really.

Here are the basics:

People and Dogs: $40 each
Infants and Cats: $30 each

Send me an email at: julie_c@rocketmail.com, subject line: Paper People
I'll need two photos of each model: one good face shot and one good body shot.  I'll need to know eye color, hair color, height, and any special markings like freckles or tattoos.
I can then email back with a total cost, estimated time of completion, and any questions I may have.
I begin working on orders once payment is received via check.  (I'm not cool enough to do credit transactions.)

That's it.  Easy peasy.
We'll see if it takes off. 

Thanks so much for stopping in, and for those in my inner circle, thank you for the birthday wishes.  I had a lovely day that started with pancakes and presents, went to see Evil Dead: The Musical with my son, and ended with chocolate avacado cake.  Mmmmmm.

Wishing you a wonderful day!

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