Thursday, October 9, 2014

Rockin' Out Again

You know what's fun to do when you have a bit of time between projects or meetings or what have you?  Make funky rock art - that's what!

The top rock was done with colored pencils.  I found some examples on Pinterest and I swear they look like blown glass.  I haven't been able to accomplish that effect, but I do like the lightness of the color when done with colored pencil. 

I had the idea this morning that it might look cute to make coffee and tea cups.  I'm extra pleased with myself because this is the first idea that I didn't lift from someone else.  I have no problem with lifting ideas - we all do it.  But it is very satisfying to come up with a concept of one's own.  That said, if you'd like to steal this idea - please do.

Arg - me be a painted rock!

I saw some really fun rocks were they glued smaller rocked on for noses.  The decorated it in black Sharpie only - so I took it to the next (color) level. But I LOVED the idea of gluing on a rock nose.  (So I lifted it.)

Have I told you what I'm doing with all these rocks?  I can't remember.  Well, I guess it's OK to tell you, my blog readers.  You won't tell will you?  As part of a new artists group in West Hartford called WeHa Artists Emporium, we're all going to paint a bunch of rocks and leave them all around town in December, so folks can stumble upon them and get a little giftie.  We're calling it Finders Keepers and we're going to number them on the bottom and encourage people to come to the webpage and list where they found their rock.  Fun, right?

I get so tickled when I think of someone finding a little treasure.  I love little unexpected treats!

I'll keep you posted on that one - it's still a whole month and a half away.  I'm up to 32 rocks.  Will I make 50?  (I bet I will.)

Thanks so much for stopping in!
Have a great weekend!

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