Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Wonderful Wonderland Corn Maze

Sunday was a glorious day.  Sunny.  60's.  Brisk air.  New England colors. 
It was a wonderful day to hit a corn maze!

In years past, my friends and I had taken the kids to a place with a playground, face-painting, and a small, simple corn maze.  It was great when the boys were smaller.  They could roam around and we could always hear them, often see them.  But they are much bigger now and I'm not worried about Magoo getting lost or freaking out.  So we set the boys loose at Rosedale Farms where they have a sprawling 6 acre corn maze!

I don't think I saw my son again for at least 40 minutes.

The boys took off first, followed by the men, followed my friend Heather, my mother, and me.  Heather bagged because she wore poor foot-wear for the trek, so it was just Mom and me and we fumbled our way through the corn.

It was cute and helpful that there were Alice in Wonderland characters running through the maze, warning Alice to run because the Red Queen was going to "Cut off her head!" and giving us simple humans some pointers or words of encouragement.

I had been in mazes where there wasn't an exit, really.  You just got lost and found your way back out to the entrance.  So I wasn't really sure what I was dealing with here.  The Cheshire Cat set me straight.  She told me that there was, in fact, an exit and it was "over there."  She pointed in a general direction, swished her tail, and disappeared.  (Just kidding.)

I think Magoo just cut through the corn whenever he wanted to.  I took a few "short cuts" myself.  It was quite a maze!

By the time we found this sign:
 I think Mom and I were ready to be out of there.

The men and 2 of the boys were waiting for us on the other side.  (One boy was not discovered until later.)

Oh, and we found Alice too. :)

Thanks so much for stopping in!  I hope you all are having a lovely autumn so far!


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