Monday, November 24, 2014

Finders Keepers

This Saturday was the collection day for rocks for Finders Keepers.

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned Finders Keepers here on this blog before, but in case I haven't, I'll remind you.  I'm in this new artist group called the WeHa Artists Emporium.  We started in September, and we wanted to do something fun that would say "Hey West Hartford, we exist!  And we have a webpage!"  So I had this idea to paint rocks and leave them around town for people to find.  All of the rocks have a sticker on the bottom saying that they are from us and we'd love for the finder to go to the page and let us know where they found the rock.

That's what the project is.  Saturday was the drop off for artists to bring rocks to the house.  We have over 100 rocks!  YAY!!!  All through December we'll be hiding them throughout West Hartford.  I think it will be really fun.

I did a test run this weekend.  A reporter is doing a story on the group and she wanted us to hide a rock and get pics of someone finding it.  Sounded great ... until I really though about jumping out of the bushes at some stranger I'd been stalking, "HEY YOU FOUND A ROCK!"  No thank you.  So I asked my neighbors to help me out.

I did hide the rock though.  I gave them an area and I let them find it.  Also, they didn't know what the rock would look like, so I tried to keep it as authentic as I could.  Kinda a "Real Housewives" brand of reality.

Here's the rock:

And here are my neighbors (and their smartly dressed doggies) finding it.

I will probably stay close to the scene of the crime (after I hide a few) and I might even take some sneaky pics - but I doubt I'll talk to anyone.  I want these to be little individual treasures.  I don't want to invade the moment.

Tee hee.

Thanks for stopping in!  If I don't get back tot he blog before Thanksgiving (I might, I might not.)  I wish you all a happy meal and safe travels!


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G. S. said...

Looks like lots of fun!! Best of luck to everyone!! Wish I lived closer!