Monday, November 3, 2014


Hi all -

The next two week will be uber busy for me.  I thought I'd do a little Monday update to share my crazy life and try to bring some order to it (moreso for me than you.)

But first -  Halloween was great!

Magoo was the Grim Reaper.  I was Maleficent.  I got loads of candy he won't eat.  I got to scare small children as I walked down the street.  Awesome!

Now onto my crazy-busy life...

SUPERIOR CHILDREN'S BOOK FESTIVAL - If you're in the U.P. of Michigan and have a kid or love children's literature, perhaps you'd like to come to the Superior Children's Book Festival.  I'll be there!  I'm speaking about picture books!  I'm pretty excited about it, but if you know me, you might know that while I like BEING places, I hate TRAVELING to places.  So I need to make sure I have all my ducks in a row this week: plan my clothes, make sure all my electronics are charged, make sure my liquids are small and baggie sized.  Yadda yadda.  Once I get to Michigan, all will be well.  But until then, if you see a crazy lady with a bunch of Post-it notes stuck to her - it's probably me.

OPEN STUDIO HARTFORD - Open Studio Hartord - my big art show of the year - is fast approaching.  It's Nov. 15 & 16th from 11 - 5pm each day.  It's all over the city, but I'll be in the same building I'm always at: Artspace, 555 Asylum Ave, Hartford.  However, this year I'll be on the FIRST FLOOR, baby!  The upside is that I don't have to load anything on the world's slowest elevator AND pretty much everyone who comes in the building will have to walk by my space.  The downside is that I'm in the most exposed part of the building (security-wise) so there will be a risk to leaving any art hanging on the walls overnight, AND it's closer to the outside door, so it might be a little brisk.  Still, my buddy Angela Shenk will be right next to me and we always have a good time.  Mark your calendars and come on down.

But between now and then I have to make sure that all my work is framed and ready to hang, make all my signs, price things, inventory sheets, make sure I have receipts and all the other little things to do and remember.  I think I have a list somewhere.  #1 thing to do: find my list.

As soon as that's over, I have another art show entitled, PRIMO, with my new group The WeHa ARTISTS EMPORIUM at Salon Medusa, Nov. 25 - Jan 25th.  Opening reception if Thursday December 4th from 6 - 8, which is during the Center's Holiday Stroll.  So if you're in West Hartford Center for the stroll, stop into Salon Medusa (13 S. Main Street) for some art and snacks.

And by then, the FINDERS KEEPERS rock hunt will be underway.

So there's lots of coordinating and lists and schedules and things like that to be done.  It's nuts.  It's good-nuts, but it's still nuts.  (I think I'm going to try to work a massage in there after Open Studio.)

I hope you all are less nuts!
Thanks for taking time to stop in.

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