Thursday, November 20, 2014

Open Studio 2014

Hi all!  Woosh - I've been a busy gal!  But at least my weekends should be free from now on.  (Seeing Mockingjay on Sunday!  Woo hoo!)  Here's my Open Studio Weekend breakdown.

I often like to set up on Fridays, but this year I was on the first floor in the main hallway.  This is great because I don't have to load my art in the elevator and I get a lot of foot traffic.  It's a little bad only in that this is the part of the building with the least amount of security.  Since I had a piece stolen one year, I wanted to lower my odds of theft by setting up Saturday morning. 

Here's how it looked at 9:15am...

 Here's how it looked at 11:15 am ...

Things went well enough.  I didn't make a ton of money (the only painting that sold off the wall is the bowl of plums right next to me, below) but Angela (in the red shirt) and I always have fun!  And it's great to have your friends come and visit you.  Below I am pictured with Stefanie Marco and Hannah Dunnack Jackson, both founding members of the WeHa Artists Emporium with me.

In addition to all the lovely, sane people who come through, (THANK YOU LOVELY PEOPLE) there are always some colorful characters who pass by.

One man in a group looked at my clothes with a quizzical expression, stopped, then said, "Oh, it's an apron."
"Yes," I said.
"But it's practical," he said.
I just nodded as he passed by, wondering what he thought aprons were for in the first place - fashion accessories?  Aren't they always practical?

Another lady was asking me about my books.  As I explained one story to her, I lightly touched her on the shoulder.  She jumped back.  "Don't touch me like that!  I hate when people touch each other like that!  Why do they do it?"
"Um..." I said.  "I think they're just trying to make a connection."
We went on to talk about the books more, me being very careful to maintain a nice buffer of space between us.
When she left, she said, "Oh, and that kind of touching does not make a connection." 
Guess what she was doing when she said that?  Lightly touching my shoulder!

Angela had a good year.  She sold five paintings (I think) off the wall.  YAY!  I sold a painting and a collage.  BOO!  (I mean, yanno, yay - two pieces, but I brought twenty-two.)

Most of what people bought were discounted painting from my rack, prints, cards, Monkey Ono books, a couple t-shirts, all the cat softies, one dog softie, and half of my Tiny Towns.  I'd say the average amount spent was close to $30.  All of which says to me: Don't bring so many framed paintings.  OR make sure MOST of my wall art consists of smaller pieces that I can sell for less that $100.

But it's OK.  I have another show running through December and January at Salon Medusa in West Hartford that I'm doing with the WeHa Artists Emporium which I'm really looking forward to.  And there might be another pop-up show that I'm doing in December back at Artspace.

Always more to do!

Thank you so much for stopping in!


Leandra Wallace said...

Sorry about the 'no-touchy' lady! Even if you're funny about your space, a light touch on the shoulder is not a big deal. Deal w/it! ;) I would love to be able to look at so much of your stuff in one place.

Julie_c said...

Hi Leandra - thanks for you comment. I was a little startled at that lady's weird reaction, but weird makes a good story. :)